Ultrasonic Discharging (Flowsonic)

artech ultrasonic systems AG – The ultrasonic specialist for the bulk material industry

The artech ultrasonic systems AG is a subsidiary of the CREST GROUP Inc., the global market leader of innovative ultrasonic cleaning, welding, joining, mixing and separation technology.

Established in 1991, the artech ultrasonic systems AG has become a renowned ultrasonic provider in the bulk material industry.



Innovation through frequency variation

The flowsonic generators of artech ultrasonic systems AG do not require a tuned system for the ultrasonic excitation. This is made possible by the patented frequency variation method.

The intelligent excitation principle not only varies the frequency in a defined range, but first searches for the optimum operating point and varies the frequency around this operating point.

Various geometries can thus be set into smooth ultrasonic vibrations, without having to change or adapt the actual structure of the application itself.

For you this means: ultrasonic excitation with maximum efficiency. 


When the powder stands still

In case of bulk material handling problems such as bridging, ratholing and demixing, it is recommended to timely install discharging aids in order to prevent quality issues and interruptions in production. Ultrasonic can specifically optimize the flowability of bulk materials.

By using the innovative flowsonic solution from artech ultrasonic systems, the overall equipment effectiveness is improved. In addition, the material stress and noise pollution are reduced to a minimum.


Fields of application

  • Silos
  • Mixers
  • Containers
  • Pipes
  • Conveyers

and many more…


Advantages at a glance

  • Increased throughput
  • Continuous flow
  • Less production shut-downs
  • High reliability
  • Low noise
  • Easy installation
  • Little space requirement
  • ATEX certified


Components for system integrators

artech ultrasonic systems strives to become your partner for ultrasonic generators and converters. artech supplies a variety of premium technological parts, specifically designed for system integrators.

The integrated PLC-interface allows an external remote control. This enables an optional, user-friendly possibility to operate the ultrasonic equipment in synergy with your application. Furthermore, by using the “SweepParam” software, the user is able to configure the generator according to the requirements of the application.

As artech’s generators do not require an explicit resonance frequency for the ultrasonic excitation, the components are being used in a variety of plants, handling with different types of bulk material.


Economic solutions with quality

Process stability: Reliability, longevity and efficiency are first priority in our products and services.

Quality: Our mission is to consistently increase the stability of value and constantly optimize processes. Quality for artech means continuous improvement.

Partnership: For us, suppliers are partners. artech’s customers are guaranteed to receive first-hand, fully developed technology.