Ultrasonic Dry Cleaning Hopper Singapore

When sieving temperature-sensitive powders, there can be a build-up of deposits, which are difficult or even impossible to be removed from the screening cloth.

In many cases, this problem can only be solved by using chemical cleaning substances or by rescreening the sieving deck.

One possibility to prolong the lifetime of sieving cloth is ultrasonic cleaning with a cleaning disc, which concentrates the ultrasonic energy at the contact area to the cloth. The disc develops highest cleaning efficiency beneath a jet of water or within a water tank, because of the ultrasonic cavitation ocurring in liquids.

Using the Artech method, test sieves can be excited by means of a removable ultrasonic clamp. This makes the handling of test sieves easier, reduces testing times and allows to sieve powders and particle sizes which before had been difficult to sieve by means of pure mechanical vibration.

Ultrasonic Dry Cleaning

Ultrasonic Dry Cleaning

For measuring the particle size distribution, one uses test towers. The ultrasonic engergy can be transferred from one test sieve to the neighbouring one, thus obtaining a more precise and faster analysis of the particle size distribution.